Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Janaki Medical College (JMC), Nepal

Chairman's Message

We, Janaki Medical College (JMC) would like to assure our valued parents and esteemed students for the quality medical education required to address the existing and emerging health problems of the population.
This is possible through the renowned fulltime faculty members, outstanding learning environment, exem plary laboratories, excellent library and provisions of guest lectures by globally recognized medical practitioners, researchers and academics. As we all befieve,the change begins with the creative beginners and sustains in a committed and skilled hands. At JMC, we would like to offer our earnest commitment to produce the skillful medical graduates,who can address the complex nature of health problems. Our commitment is not limited to the students's individual prospect; it goes beyond and serves the interest of parents,professional scope,international agencies and need of the country at large. Here at JMC we think globally and act locally - we have strong trust in our innovative teaching learning activities, practical exposure, community exposure, opportunities to the students to organize/participate in the national/international scientific forums which all will help ensure professional excellence of our talented students. We also like to sound that we have one goal- to be 'A CENTRE OF EXCELLENCE THROUGH MEDICAL EDUCATION, HEALTH SERVICES AND COMMUNITY INTERVENTIONS'. In this light,we would like to request all of you to visit us,have a discussion and get enrolled at JMC we believe and function for the quality medical education.

  • JMC is formally associated with tribhuvan Universoty a single biggest govt. Owend University of Nepal. More importantly, JMC is recognized by Nepal Medical COuncil an apex body that regitered the products and provide the medical licensing. Additionally, JMC is managed by Ram Janaki Health Foundation which is registered under the Nepalese company act.
  • Application form, prospectus and other relevant infomration can be collected from JMC offices in Kathmandu and Janakpur. Our esteemed students from India can collect application form and apply anytme from May throuh November. Nepali student should attend IOM's entrance examination. The class begins by second week of november.
  • Introduction

    In line with national and international thinking of Centre of Excellence in medical education, health service delivery and community health interventions, Janaki Medical College (.1MC) is committed to involve itself through enhanced partnership with local, national and international rights/stakeholders. JMC believes that the triangulation of medical education, health service and community interventions will help develop the technically competent, socially accepted and internationally recognized students, professional, and educators, Through its technically renowned and professionally committed faculty members JMC is stanched to support respective governments to achieve their national and international commitments in medical education and service delivery sectors.

    Why JMC

    The JMC is put up by a group of medical professional, academicians, researchers, industrialists and prominent professionals with extensive exposure to a wide range of knowledge, experience and teaching/ learning practices. It is committed towards the excellence and innovation in imparting high quality medical education for youth and international community. Apart from this, JMC aims at providing highOend health care services facilitating with modem medical technologies

    Four and halfyears and one year compulsory internship after passing the final examination

    Curriculum Online

    • Curriculum has integrated teaching learning activities and encourages problem based learning.
    • Curriculum is divided into three parts namely the First Phae, Second hase and Third Phase.
    • First phase is of two year duration and teaching is organised in following subjects:
      1. First Year:

        Community Medicine and Integrated Basic Medicine (IBMS) which includes Anatomy, Physiology, Biochemistry, Pathology, Pharmacology and Microbiology
      2. Second Year:

        • Integrated Basic Medical sciences continued..
        • Second phase is of one year duratiopn and teachig includes as follows: Foresnic Medicine, Applied epidemiology, Family Health Internal Medicine, Surgery, Gynaecology and Obstetrics and Pediatrics.
        • Third phase is one and half year duration and teachig includes as follows: Eye, ENT, Orthopedic, Dentistry, Psychiatry, Dermatology, Radiology, Anesthesiology and Accident and Emergency Medicine.

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